Tax Peace for debts up to 500 thousand euros

Among the issues that are stirring the political debate there is no doubt the question of the so-called ” fiscal peace “, a real mantra of the League during the election campaign. Well, after the inclusion in the DEF with consequent skirmishes within the majority that supports the Conte government in the following days, today Matteo Falcon has returned to talk about the topic, with statements that will only re-ignite the political debate.

Falcon re-launches fiscal peace for debts of up to € 500,000

Falcon re-launches fiscal peace for debts of up to € 500,000

During an interview granted to an important Italian radio broadcaster, Vi cepremier and Minister of the Interior Matteo Falcon has returned to talk about one of the most thorny topics among those that are animating the political debate of recent weeks, namely that related to the fiscal peace or amnesty, as defined by those who oppose it, which the Government has included in the DEF.

The Minister of the Interior, during the aforementioned interview, has announced that the fiscal peace will concern all debts whose amount reaches up to 500 thousand euros and that the idea of ​​the Government is to put in place an intervention to balance and excerpt, with which we will intervene not only on the chapter of interests and sanctions, but also on capital. The measure does not yet have the crisma of the official, because it is still in preparation in the rooms of the technicians of the Ministry of Economy, but Matteo Falcon has assured that the Italians will not be faced with a classic work of “scrapping” of the tax assessments, but to an intervention that, using a football metaphor, will be stretched outstretched.

Because Matteo Falcon does not want to talk about “scrapping”

During the interview Matteo Falcon explained why defining the intervention to study as a “scrapping” is an error. The Minister of the Interior has put the accent on how the scraps go to affect, as regards the tax collection boxes, on aspects such as penalties, interests and more. The Minister of the Interior believes that instead he should also intervene on the capital, because according to him, if a person “does not have 40 thousand euros, he does not even have 35 thousand”.

The idea of ​​the Minister of the Interior is that the tax peace proposed by him will not benefit those who have not made the declaration of income and then has in the garage luxury cars, but will go to facilitate all those Italians who during the time have always made the declaration of income, but for several reasons have found themselves having to deal with the tax records impossible to pay. The Minister of the Interior to better explain what is the audience of taxpayers who according to him will benefit from the so-called “fiscal peace”, gave the example of those who have been forced to close their business or who had to make debts to help a child in need.

Will Falcon’s proposal find space in the Government?

In short, the idea of ​​Falcon is to recover at least a minimum part of what is required by the State and the League leader seems certain that his proposal to bring to 500 thousand euros of debt the maximum threshold within which you can have access to “peace” tax “will find room in the government and will eventually be accepted by the Five Star Movement. This idea, according to some, is given by the fact that Luigi Di Matt has obtained assurances regarding the funds that will be made available to the income of citizenship. However, it should be emphasized that much of the base of the Five Star Movement would probably struggle to support such a measure, considering that up to a week ago Di Maio first said that the maximum ceiling within being able to access the “fiscal peace” or amnesty, as defined by those who oppose the provision, would have been 500 thousand euros.

This is the reason why the proposal of Matteo Falcon at the moment must be defined as such and not a real measure to study the Government, although the technicians of Via XX Settembre to work on the provision. Now all that remains is to wait for the next few days, which will be the decisive ones not only for the Budget Maneuver in general but, more specifically, also for the ways in which “fiscal peace” will come to light. What can be said with certainty is that we could see a hard confrontation in the Government, given the very distant positions of the League and 5 Star Movement.