First House Loan for Young People: All About Facilities

Your first home, a dream that finally comes true. Thanks to mortgages for young couples, singles and families, you can access a loan at preferential rates based on your personal or working conditions. Let’s find out more about the first home loan and related discounts.

The facilities

The facilities

Mortgage loans are made possible thanks to the presence of a special guarantee fund. In particular, for young people or those who have some difficulties, there is the “First Home Loans Guarantee Fund”, which facilitates the activation of the loan by:

  • Family units constituted for at least two years in which one of the members is less than 35 years old;
  • Single, unmarried, separated, divorced or widowed person with at least one cohabiting minor child;
  • tenants of housing owned by autonomous institutes for social housing;
  • Persons under 35 years of age, with atypical employment according to art. 1 of the law of 28 June 2012, n. ninety two.

In these circumstances, the Fund issues guarantees up to a maximum of 50% of the principal amount of the mortgage loan. Mortgages are eligible for the guarantee of this Fund:

  • Up to € 250,000;
  • Finalized for the purchase of dwellings for primary use that do not fall into categories A1, A8 and A9 (also include loans related to restructuring and energy efficiency).

Finally, Cash Depositors provides a Plafond Casa (in April 2016 it was 2 billion euros and then rose to 3 billion euros) for the disbursement, through the participating banks, of mortgage loans for the purchase of the house main, restructuring and energy efficiency. The young couples, the families of which a disabled person and large families belong to this initiative benefit from this initiative.

Through the Plafond House the customer benefits from a reduction of the nominal annual rate (TAN).

The first home bonus 2018

The first home bonus 2018

In the case of the so-called “first home purchase” specific tax benefits are also provided.

If the property is purchased from a private seller or from a company that sells VAT exemption:

  • The registration tax is 2%, instead of 9%;
  • Mortgages and land registry fees remain € 50 each.

If you buy from a company with a sales subject to VAT:

  • VAT is 4% instead of 10% (22% for A / 1, A / 8 and A / 9 properties);
  • The registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes amount to € 200 each.

In order to access the concessions granted for the first youth home loan, it is necessary that:

  • The house belongs to specific land registry categories (A2-A3-A4-A5-A6-A7-A11);
  • The house is in the Municipality where the buyer has residence or transfer within 18 months of purchase. For completeness it should be noted that the change of residence is considered to have taken place on the date on which the person concerned presents the transfer declaration to the municipality
  • The buyer does not have to own another property purchased with the same facility, in case he owns it, he must sell it within 12 months of the new subsidized purchase

The first home bonus 2018 consists in the possibility to take advantage of tax breaks related to the purchase of a property, to be used as a main residence.

With the tax return you can deduct a percentage of the amount spent and with the first home bonus the reduction of VAT, registration tax and an IRPEF quota is foreseen.

Incentives to apply for a mortgage are also included in the first-home benefits.

To request the first home 2018 facilities it is important to respond to specific requirements .