Monthly Archives: February 2019

27 FebDebt Consolidation: Rescheduling of loans

A prerequisite for debt rescheduling is that existing loans can be repaid early. This basically applies to installment loans, while loan agreements for real estate financing may restrict or exclude special repayments. The most common reason for rescheduling existing loans is in more favorable interest rates on the new loan. In some cases, bank customers may want […]

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22 FebTax Peace for debts up to 500 thousand euros

Among the issues that are stirring the political debate there is no doubt the question of the so-called ” fiscal peace “, a real mantra of the League during the election campaign. Well, after the inclusion in the DEF with consequent skirmishes within the majority that supports the Conte government in the following days, today […]

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15 FebMortgage Loan: Complete Guide

In this article we will explain how the mortgage loan works, a solution that is part of personal loans, while presenting a peculiar characteristic, namely the need to put a mortgage on an asset or property, in order to make the request. It can fall into three categories: life loan, home loan and mutual liquidity […]

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